The Tarot Wayfarer

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The Tarot Wayfarer

The journal was discovered in an abandoned building north of Chicago on February 11th, 1955, by Albert Tachen, and sold at auction upon his death by his daughter, Ruza Tipka (her married name) to a private collector. This much we know, the rest is uncertain and subject to further research as time allows. One thing of which we are sure – it contains a remarkable story of another world.

The journal, now in our hands through means both tawdry and terrifying, is hand-bound and measures approximately 7” x 5”. It is hand-written throughout in a fine penmanship. There is a masque somehow placed or embossed on the cover about which we cannot yet reveal more until the full story is discovered about the contents of this remarkable artifact.

On May 1st 2017 we will launch a campaign to share a journey into this new world of tarot & mysticism, and if you would like to explore with us, we invite you to register your interest at the foot of this page – we estimate that subscriptions will cost between $9.99 – $100 so advise saving if you would like premium access to all site features. In the meantime we will provide you with exclusive revelations of this ambitious project.

We will share extracts as we transcribe the journal in the following months and publish several unique photographs that appear to have been taped into the journal with a strange red tape, on the back of which are the repeating letters V.V.V.V.

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