The Rose Key

By on 1-28-2017 in Journal, Rose Key

The Rose Key

Journal Entry: The Rose Key

I have seen that some think me mad for speaking of this world, or that I am hallucinating the dreams of others – I must find proof of my journeys.

I have brought back a Key from that place, a key which unlocks secrets, and it is made in the fashion of a Rose.

Such a unique symbol, it must be meaningful. It might guide me to others who have seen what I have seen. Perhaps.

Here … in Tarot I have located it. The Symbol. Such a Symbol. The Rose Key.

It belongs to the Wayfarers, those of both the Lodge of the Rose and the Lodge of the Key.

Others have been to Arkartia already, and hidden the key in their art – and for many years.

What is this mystery? How has it been done?

Perhaps I am not the first, nor will I be the last, to dream of tarot in another world.

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