Mysterious Tarot Cards

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Mysterious Tarot Cards

EDITORS NOTES FOLLOW, 3rd February 2017

In the journal we also found a number of tarot cards, which must have been placed in the journal by a contemporary hand, prior to our acquisition. They are dated within the last six years, at time of writing. This one, for example, is from a deck we identified as being created by the artist Lisa de St. Croix. It has scrawled on the back the words ROSE KEY? LEADING WHERE? ANOTHERWORLD?

We have also identified the previous tarot card, it is in the Didactic Tarot by Jeffrey M. Donato. However, the dates are confusing. This deck was published in June, 2015, and self-published a year or two prior to that date – including that card with the “Rose Key” image.

The journal, written prior to 1955, mentions discovering the “Rose Key” in tarot cards, but it could not possibly refer to that card, which we found inserted into that same page.

Further, we are sure that the card was not there when we acquired the journal, as we catalogued carefully all the loose items and their page references.

We are now transcribing the next journal entries and will publish shortly. A lot of strange things have been happening since we started this public revealing of the work, and we suspect others may be somehow trying to stop us in the task. Last night someone knocked on the door but when we went downstairs, no-one was there. It could be a coincidence, of course!

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