Lenormand Rose Key Discovery

By on 2-07-2017 in Rose Key

Lenormand Rose Key Discovery

We have now discovered yet another remarkable coincidence – the Rose (Bouquet or Flowers) card and the Key symbol cards are not specifically found in Tarot, but in the Lenormand deck. This is another type of divinatory tool. It turns out that these type of cards are not actually connected with the famous Parisian fortune-teller, Mlle. Lenormand, but were based on an earlier German card game, the Game of Hope, published in 1799.

Here is the strange thing – in this video we discovered about the history of the Lenormand, first posted online in December 2012, watch carefully.

Tarot Wayfarer

Did you see it? The Rose and the Key? Perhaps the journal is onto something bigger than we even imagined? A vast conspiracy? Or are we just seeing things now?

We are transcribing more of the journal as we speak, and will update here shortly. It appears to continue the description of another world, accessible through the Rose Key.


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