Rachel Pollack and the Rose Key

By on 2-10-2017 in Rose Key

Rachel Pollack and the Rose Key

We have been researching Tarot over the last several days and have examined the work of several well-known authors. It appears that several have been hiding a great secret – the secret, perhaps, of Arkartia. The Rose-Key is the clue; as the journal discovered in Chicago suggests, it may function to unlock this other world.

Obvious madness of course, but it is not just recently the symbol has appeared – we may be only the latest to discover its power. We located a screenshot taken in 2012 of an earlier posting originating in 2011 – August 7th, to be precise, on the social media feed of Rachel Pollack, author of the seminal tarot text, 78 Degrees of Wisdom.

Here is evidence, we propose, that the “Omega Institute” and Rachel Pollack – even authors Mary K. Greer and James Wells, have been hiding knowledge of Arkartia for many years. How else can we explain these strange writings and the Rose Key necklace?

We have also transcribed more of the journal these last few days, and attempted to find contemporary illustrations for the places described. We will post these in a moment.


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