The Lion’s Jaw

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The Lion’s Jaw

The next segment of the journal continues to describe in language both ornate and rambling the land of tarot called Arkartia. The wayfarer appears to lose track of time and reality in several segments, but gives precise details of locations within Arkartia. We have attempted to illustrate the writing with art commissioned from a contemporary Tarot artist, Ciro Marchetti. We believe these illustrations will give some indication of the richness of the world being described by the Wayfarer.

Come to Arkartia, I implore thee. You would not believe its mysteries, the way it will change everything you thought you believed was true, or hoped or dared or dreamt to believe. It is a world in which truth, hope, daring and dreaming is made real – and it is this world more than any other. I cannot speak of it beyond what words will allow me to convey. It is a place where Tarot illustrates the truth of all reality, whether it is past, present, or to become – there is no difference to those who journey beyond time in that place, coursing the rivers of Temporalis to the vast Well of Time in the centre of Arkartia. What must I say to those who may follow? How can I describe the Sage Plains, whose rolling beauty defies description, or the first time I saw the Lion’s Jaws, that vast cave shaped like the jaws of a lion where upon sunset and sunrise the sun glows like fire in a pool which hangs above the cascading torrents?

Here is the scene described in the journal as rendered by Ciro Marchetti.


Arkartia Lion Jaws Cave Tarot Wayfarer


  1. Beautiful! I’m so excited I can hardly wait for May 1!!!!😳

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