Tarot Wayfarer Song

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Tarot Wayfarer Song

As our research into the journal continues, as every entry is transcribed from the hand-written notes, we continue to discover other references to the Rose Key.

We have posted a song to Soundcloud above which was actually recorded and published for World Tarot Day, on May 15th, 2012, by RBMusic.

It seems to contain an allusion to a “home” for tarot and a line which refers to “a key for the secret flower”. Are we reading too much into this, or is this somehow part of a tarot conspiracy to hide a whole world – and the means of accessing it?

Our research continues. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And this song, recorded almost five years ago now, says “in 78 days we’ll all be home”.

We guess that takes us to May 1st 2017.

Here are the full lyrics as we understand them …

78 Days

Pack your bags, oh fools of this world,
We’re heading back from where we were hurled.
We’re going home, we’re going home
In seventy-eight days, we’ll all be home.

Verse 1:
I climbed the mountain, I stole the fire,
I escaped the wheel and I faced the liar,
I did not stop at my masters table,
I did not stop for her grace and fable,
We’ll master the horses, we’ll race the tower,
We’ll make a key for the secret flower.


Verse 2:
Upwards into the light of the star,
Onwards into the sun so far,
Burning brighter in judgement’s call,
Leaping into the final fall …
I went and I returned to where you will be,
In endless cards of possibility.

Final [Chorus]

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