The Rose Garden Gate

By on 2-18-2017 in Rose Key

The Rose Garden Gate

Other tarot readers are now coming forward to say they have received intimations of Arkartia, through the symbol of the Rose Key. On June 15th, 2015, Evalyne Hall was inspired to create a card she called The Traveller.


We see clearly the Fool’s Dog, the “pack your bags” of the song we discovered from 2012, and the Rose Key, laid before a Gate of Roses. The design is certainly Kabbalistic; the paths of the Tree of Life are indicated by Binah, Da’ath and Chockmah on the signposts. These are at the top of the Tree of Life.

We asked Evalyne Hall about the image and she claimed it was based on a poem she composed in 1999 and was first published in 2001. The poem does appear on her Garden Gate website.

What is going on?

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