A Mysterious Cult of Cards?

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A Mysterious Cult of Cards?

In 1995 a collectable card game was produced called Kult. Whilst it is long out of print, collectors still hoard and exchange cards from this dark, gothic and macabre game. It featured – in a twisted way – concepts from Kabbalah, Tarot and Biblical (and Magical) Angel Lore. What we find fascinating is that in a description of the rules for this game, is another mention of the Rose Key – in fact, it is specifically noted that the Rose Key opens “Inferno” by the Priest within the game.

“The Priest card has a Rose Suit on it, so let’s say that to unlock the Priest card from your hand you must unlock it with a Rose key. You have one of those, so you use it to unlock the card and put it into play. The Rose key is not broken, you still have it any may use it on another card. You next decide to Proclaim Inferno. Inferno has one each of an Eye, a Crescent and a Rose. Kether takes his Eye key, his Crescent Key and the same Rose key he used before, unlocks the Inferno card from his hand, and puts it into play”.

Here is the full reference … Kult (1995) Game Questions

Whilst it may be a coincidence, this tarot-based card game from 1995 perhaps is trying to tell us something about the power of the cards to open a whole new world. Suppose there is a cult or some group of people who are communicating with each other through these “games” and “card decks”? Could it be true? Have we stumbled onto something far bigger than we can imagine?

We continue to transcribe the scrawling hand-writing of the Tarot Wayfarer journal and will report back on progress soon.

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  1. There are no meaningless coincidence

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