Dreaming of a Burning Rose

By on 2-23-2017 in Rose Key

Dreaming of a Burning Rose

In the last few days of our work on the Tarot Wayfarer journal, we have been plagued with insomnia and strange dreams.

We keep feeling as if there is something we are missing.

It is getting to us, so we took a break for a few days.

During that time, we found a strange video from October 2012 on Youtube, posted by tarot2012.

We found this when we searched for dreams and tarot – and were shocked to hear the woman talking about “so many tarot cards” and a “burning rose”. Could this be another key?

What has the rose got to do with tarot? Why is it appearing in dreams?

Are we seeing too much?

We must continue to decipher the manuscript, otherwise we may not sleep properly again.

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