Proof of a Vast Tarot Conspiracy

By on 2-24-2017 in Conspiracy, Rose Key, Tarot

Proof of a Vast Tarot Conspiracy

The Rose Key is real. It proves that there is a vast conspiracy in Tarot. We do not yet know its truth, but it is out there.

Despite another sleepless night, and a mysterious fault with one of our laptops, we discovered this new evidence last night.

A Rose Key – plain and simple – in a tarot deck. published five years ago!

This Incidental Tarot is far from incidental. It is a brazen declaration of the existence of a conspiracy.

Incidental Tarot Rose Key White

The Rose Key perhaps is a symbol that the organisation uses? Or is it a tool?

But we were right all along – there is a long-standing and vast conspiracy behind the tarot.

How long has this conspiracy been going on???

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