Pyramids of Dust and Timeless Clocks

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Pyramids of Dust and Timeless Clocks

The world of Arkartia seems to hold astonishing sights, according to our continuing transcription of the journal. The handwriting is dense, and often seems to have been rushed. As the journal progresses, the language becomes even more strange.

In this next section, following from the description of the Lion’s Jaw cave, the Wayfarer (as we have come to call them) writes of strange vistas …

Or how to even explain the Pyramids of Dust that should not exist, for they are blown about by hurricanes that wail like lost souls? Or the mysteries of the Church of the Abyss (met by so few, they become saints) or the grand theatre of Goat’s End in which the last ambush lies in wait? There are towns that float in the sky on vast isles from which waterfalls cascade to the fields.

There are people in that world – nobles and vagabonds alike – some who sail on barges that ply the sky and are drawn by winged fish. There is an endless supply of wonder in that place. You must go there, I say, and discover this world for yourself, for it is yourself, more truly than I can say. Go there, follow the Way, pass through the Gates as you can, or explore the Realm into which you have been born again. It is up to you. I can only say, Arkartia, you have my heart and soul and I return, having spoken of you as I can.

The journal has several missing pages after this section, and some sort of map, or sigil, perhaps. We will set those to one side for the moment and then continue to transcribe the next section of the journal. It appears to have been written later than the preceding section, although it is not dated. There are sketches of strange clocks, and other mechanisms, in the margins of the journal.

It may be a coincidence, but all three clocks (on the phones too) in the study stopped at the same point today, 11:11am. We tried to take a photograph, but then they all resumed at the normal time.

We will take a rest (if sleep allows) tomorrow, and then continue with the research next week.

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