The Astonishing Truth of the Lenormand?

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The Astonishing Truth of the Lenormand?

Was the Lenormand deck chosen to be revived for a purpose?

As our research continues, it appears to reveal a staggering international conspiracy of cartomancers who have held the secret of the Rose Key and Arkartia for many years. The Lenormand deck appears to be a vital clue.

This deck was little known before 2011, some six years ago now, and yet since that time has become virtually a whole new publishing industry.

But why? When did it start? Why was it recovered as the “Game of Hope” (1799) from the British Museum (based on a mention by Prof. Hoffman in a footnote in Decker, Deplaulis & Dummett, 1996*) and suggested as a revival in a “cards of antiquity” campaign?

The answer is astonishing, if it is true.

We have traced back the first ‘revival’ of the Lenormand to a convention in 2012, following an announcement of the “cards of antiquity” campaign by Tali Goodwin at a New York event in 2011. We know the year 2012 is significant in terms of conspiracy theories and global change, but the venue too appears to have been chosen for its association with other conspiracy theories – it was in Dallas.

Take a look at the poster for the event and you will see it clearly – the deck appears to have been chosen for a revival purely because it had a Rose (Heart) and Key card.



Our research has shown that the poster appears to have been criticised for not showing “actual tarot cards”, because the Lenormand deck was so little recognised at the time. There were a few readers of these cards (mainly in Europe) but no mass market book on the subject in English, and little interest in the few blogs at that time.

That has happened ‘apparently suddenly’ and starting from this event – or perhaps it started at the earlier 2011 ‘cards of antiquity’ announcement in New York, at which were present Rana George, Rachel Pollack. Carrie Paris, Ciro Marchetti, Donnaleigh de Larose, Mary K. Greer and others… all who have since created Lenormand decks, written Lenormand books or produced research and videos. Are any of those people involved?

We have reached out to Tali Goodwin, the Director of the event, for comment, but she has not yet responded. Her latest book, Tarot Time Traveller with co-author Marcus Katz, appears to also have something in connection with travel to alternative dimensions; in this case, time-travel. Who is behind this?

What is certain is that more Lenormand decks have been produced since 2012 than in the past two centuries; this cannot be a coincidence.

We are beginning to suspect that the Lenormand deck was chosen as part of a magical act – but to what purpose we can only guess. Perhaps, perhaps, the constant shuffling of the Rose and Key in so many hands around the world is a magical engine of some description, opening a gate or portal to somewhere else – Arkartia???

That sounds mad, we know. It is getting harder to tell the truth from fiction as we progress – and strange foolish coincidences appear to be dogging our every step.

We will continue to uncover more, but this is very strange if it is true – everyone who has published a Lenormand deck in the last six years may have been part of an astonishing magical ritual.


A Wicked Pack of Cards: The Origins of the Occult Tarot (1996)

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