Is this Artist in the Conspiracy?

By on 3-04-2017 in Conspiracy, Rose Key

Is this Artist in the Conspiracy?

Ciro Marchetti, an artist of evocative images, tarot decks, Lenormand decks, and recently a Kipper card deck, may somehow be involved in the Rose Key mystery.

His recent decks appear to have been brought back from other times and places, such as the Tarot Decrotif.

We have just discovered this card, in plain sight of everyone, which was originally created in 2011, six years ago.

This card is from the Gilded Reverie Lenormand and is the KEY card. The deck was first self-published and since has been published by US Games Systems – a major publisher of Tarot and Lenormand decks worldwide. Could they be part of the mystery?!

The placement of the ROSE can only be a deliberate act; and perhaps it is significant that it is placed in a gilded cage, which has been unlocked by the Key?

Has this card been waiting for all this time to be unlocked?

A mystery has obviously been constructed for many years, beyond anything our research has discovered before – but what is it?

The Rose Key, a mysterious land called Arkartia? We will get back to transcribing the journal and see if we can make more sense of it all.

There are more questions than answers at the moment, and each day brings a new discovery, a new revelation into this mystery.

To be honest, we are spending some days not knowing what is going on, strange things keep happening, as if the edges of the world are shimmering with movement.

Sometimes we have heard voices downstairs or outside the study, but when we have gone to look, no-one has been there. How could they be? We have added extra locks to our doors.

We will continue our research. We will. We must.

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