Donnaleigh and the Key

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Donnaleigh and the Key

The Rose Key must be some sort of secret code to unlock the Tarot, Lenormand and Cartomancy – perhaps even a whole new world of divination.

Our research continues to uncover how deep the rabbit hole goes – and for how long this conspiracy (if such it is) has been kept secret.

Take a look at this historical archive from social media in 2012, dated 15th April, 2012 – almost five years ago.

Donnaleigh is a popular teacher of Lenormand and Tarot, and in 2012 was experimenting with a collection of images for a Lenormand deck.

This is what she posted.

If we zoom in we can see that the Key card is an image DL has selected from stock art, and it is a key placed on a book.

The book has a name upon it, [Jean-Jacques] Rousseau (1712 – 1788), a French philosopher whose political work influenced the Enlightenment and was popular during the French Revolution.

Rose Key Donnaleigh Lenormand

But of course, the name “Rousseau” has the sound of “Rose” to it, and in fact derives from the French for red-headed or ruddy (rosy) complexioned people.

And then there is Donnaleigh’s full name … Donnaleigh de LaRose.

Another Rose Key? Is this all deliberate? A clue or portent hidden across the years?

We will continue to see if we can find more examples of the Rose Key – perhaps even more in plain sight – being used as some sort of signal or sign – who knows?

In the meantime, we have transcribed more of the Wayfarer’s Journal and will post a new transcript over the weekend.

We have been very busy and beset by all manner of hindrances. It is almost as if something is working against us.

But we will continue. We must – there is something truly mystical about this Rose Key.

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  1. Depending on how far back this goes it may not be so much a conspiracy as not wanting the uninitiated sticking their noses where they do not belong. For such as they, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Very dangerous! People who dabble in the Great Work, who peek at dark or secret knowledge open themselves to nasty surprises. So the Ancients in their wisdom kept secret this knowledge, but left clues for the dedicated, the initiated to follow. Ward yourselves,but keep seeking. Blessed Be, Iam

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