Whisperer’s Spire

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Whisperer’s Spire

The latest work transcribing the Wayfarer Journal reveals a little more of this other world called Arkartia. In this extract, the Wayfarer speaks of a realm in which they appear to have spent some time. There are drawings of clockwork machinery in this part of the journal, and a side-note in the margin which simply reads “South-East”.

Of the twelve realms of Arkartia, Viridas aspires to be the most noble. As the Arkana Way passes through the orderly low fields of wheat, one can make out in the distance the vast towers of rock called by some the Erimosian Pillars. In those places live the companions of loneliness, a cult which is bound to the silence of the soul and the whispers of God. Viridas is a land upon which the sun shines like gold and the desert sands meet the mountains and the sea with equal indifference. I sat and studied many works of Arkartian philosophy in the Whisperer’s Tower, where such tomes are held in the vaults. I marvelled at the Book of Cenebos, in which were illustrated the plants of every realm and the spirits to which each is bound. I trembled when I found the fabled Grimoire of Lythianius, in which are contained the Twelve Chain-Sigils of the Unhindered Ones. Even was it that I fell in love with the poetry of “the maiden”, known across Arkartia for her clarity of wit and controlled couplets whose insight make every mind soar. In that gilded spire, I spent such time alone and discovered not only Arkartia, but myself.

We have again received word from artist Ciro Marchetti, who has kindly illustrated this extract – he has presented it in colour, but we shall save this for another time. It seems fitting at present to illustrate the journal as a sepia lens into another world.


We estimate it will take us another week full-time to conduct the next phase of research into the Rose Key and continue to transcribe the Wayfarer Journal. We have come to believe that the journal itself is somehow responding to our studies – more appears to be in it now than when we first acquired it, however uneasy that may seem. Other pages seem to be no longer present now that we have studied them. It is surely a strange thing, all this.

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