A Mysterious Advert in London

By on 3-17-2017 in Arkartia, Conspiracy, Tarot Wayfarer

A Mysterious Advert in London

We were just sent an anonymous video filmed in London this week.

It appears to show a background that is familiar from the Waite-Smith Tarot, yet at the same time does not appear in any one single known card?

The mysteries are increasingly being revealed in plain sight.

But what is the Gate of Tarot?

How will it be unlocked?

Our research is turning up even more mysteries from antiquity – we are just working on a strange anagram, which we hope to have solved within the week.

We feel it is slowly driving us mad, this work. We may need your help.

Register below if you wish to receive some private materials from our research into this vast conspiracy and be the first to know about our Kickstarter campaign on May 1st when we will try and unlock Arkartia and the mystery of the Rose Key once and for all.


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