The Mystery of the Tarot de Marseille

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The Mystery of the Tarot de Marseille

It appears that the revival of the Tarot de Marseille may also be connected with this tarot conspiracy. As we were investigating the recent revival of the Lenormand deck we began to see an identical pattern in the sudden growth of interest in the Tarot de Marseille in recent years.

As we followed this development (in the English-speaking audience) we found a poet-tarologist named Enrique Enriquez whose book Tarology (not to be confused with Tarosophy) is an influential work on reading the Marseille deck.

We tracked back through his social media profile, looking for any significant clues. And found this. Dated September 21st & 22nd, 2012. In plain sight.



There can be no mistake. It could not be clearer. This is not just some combination of images that may or may not be Arkartian or a Rose Key.

We are now 100% sure that something has been going on – something massive, involving a full-scale revival of not only the Lenormand but also the Tarot de Marseille.

Something that was always marked with the Rose Key as a proof through time.

Something that required a whole group of people to work in secret for many years and yet communicate in a way that only they could see. With one eye?

Something that required the past to be recovered and used as some sort of key? To what? To where? Arkartia???

There is also a video documentary ‘Tarology’ which was filmed (in part) at the very event where the ‘Cards of Antiquity’ campaign was announced in 2011. Whatever is happening, it has been created in secret for many years now.

What was it waiting for?! Why is it now that it is coming to light??!!

We just realised too that September 21st is the Autumn Equinox. Perhaps these events of the Rose Key are timed, somehow keyed to the seasonal festivals or other events? Some secret ritual?

Our research continues to create more questions than answers – and every week now something new surfaces, we are being sent strange anonymous ‘clues’ in the mail, or perhaps they are just adverts and we are going mad?

The walls between this world and the next appear to be blurring. We will concentrate on our work. We must.

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