What the Seers Foretell

By on 3-19-2017 in Arkartia, Journal, Tarot Wayfarer

What the Seers Foretell

The transcription of the journal continues, as the Tarot Wayfarer (as we come to call the author) describes the transformation they are undergoing from their visits to Arkartia.

The writing style remains recognisable although sometimes the script drifts off across the page or seems to pick up from some previous narrative. It is more like a jigsaw than a novel.

We pick it up here as some years seem to have elapsed, despite the somewhat haphazard dating or linearity of the entries.

In the passing of years between here and Arkartia, I have come to see certain truths, whilst knowing that many remain on the edge of my knowledge. I will attest to the mysteries of that place, surely, yet there is much more that now comes to me. I see how my use of the tarot cards, once mere pieces of cardboard, has come to be a divine connection – a language of oracular certainty in the patterns of this world.

It is such that living in Arkartia has led me to exist a few moments in the future of this present, and now I see what prophets must see, what the seers foretell, and how fortune is created from such insight.

I see how events are connected beyond this apparent world; how the casting of stones, the flicker of light, the sound of a song dimly recalled from childhood, can teach me of the unfolding of existence and the truth of its purpose.

It appears that the author is passing much time in that place yet returning to this world on occasion; the verb tenses are sometimes mixed up in the journal and the terminology of “this world” sometimes appears to apply to ‘this world’ and sometimes to Arkartia. It is almost as if the worlds exist in an overlap with each other, a blended or mixed reality.

Strangely, we keep finding that our phones are cutting out, the clocks in the study have all become misaligned (we have changed the batteries) and the wifi signal is acting strangely. We will continue to transcribe the journal despite these technical setbacks.

The pages of the journal also seem to be increasingly including sketches of this other world (or perhaps locations in our world, we are not sure) and diagrams, as if there is a map or ritual, or perhaps something else – we are researching ‘sigils’ and ‘grimoires’ to discover more.

We will share some of the images as soon as we have had our camera repaired – it broke yesterday.

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