The Alchemical Amphitheatre

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The Alchemical Amphitheatre

The Tarot Wayfarer describes not only tarot but many other arcane subjects; in this extract, they refer to alchemy.

We have seen to how the Wayfarer speaks of astrology, kabbalah and other forms of divination.

The world of Arkartia appears to be a compendium of divinatory arts, where seers and oracles are rich with experience and intrinsic to the social life of the world.

It reminds us sometimes of Delphi in Ancient Greece.

I see how my speech has become more true to my nature, and my nature truer to my speech; for in Arkartia we know that symbols are portals to the future as surely as actions here create that future.

I have passed many gates on the Arcana Way now and others await me along the road. It winds through a landscape rich with possibility and blessed with mystery and I will write more of its sights as I can. For now, I will speak only of the Alchemical Amphitheatre, where I passed many lunar months and began to learn the secrets of the royal art. It is said that once a year an angel appears above the amphitheatre, and pours blessings of temperance upon all who await.

I was urged to stay but my journey was to take me elsewhere – the Arcana Way has many stations, and I wished to seek out as many of them as I could. Time here is not as it is elsewhere – the gaps between the worlds are both transparent and yet beyond measure.

It appears that the Arcana Way is some sort of initiatory journey or pilgrimage, through a variety of experiences.

We are now trying to locate other references in the journal and cross-reference them against the terms most commonly used by the Wayfarer, such as Arcana Way, Arkartia, etc.

Further, we are checking contemporary tarot decks for more recent appearances of the Rose Key, as the conspiracy may still be in progress.

If it is, what have we discovered and what will happen when those involved discover us?

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