The Act of Magick

By on 4-15-2017 in Arkartia, Conspiracy, Rose Key, Tarot

The Act of Magick

It has been some time since we last posted – there has been an astonishing breakthrough with the Tarot Wayfarer research and the mystery of the Rose Key.

With only 2 weeks remaining before something big happens, this Easter weekend we reveal an incredible proof of real magick.

As you know, we have been tracking the “Rose Key” symbol for over six years. It appears to have been used as a ‘portal’ within Tarot cards or somehow sent back in time.

But just three years ago a remarkable video surfaced for the first time in public.

It is dated 1956 and called Wormwood Star. It was directed by avant-garde film-maker Curtis Harrison and features artist Marjorie Cameron, whose life and work was infused with occultism.

Watch the video, which demonstrates Majorie Cameron using or receiving a symbol through a magick mirror.

You may be as astonished as we were when we first saw this video, three years after we started sending back that unique symbol in time.

Those who attended the Dallas 2013 TarotCon convention where the Rose Key was chanted and sent back in time should know now that they were part of a real magickal ritual.

The symbol was sent back. Further than we imagined.

It was received almost 60 years in the past – by an occultist using a magick mirror, sensitive to the astral and its symbolism.

On this Easter Weekend, we reveal it at last.

Actual, demonstrable magick – or the strangest coincidence of all our lives.

We are now going to open the mystery of Arkartia and the Tarot Wayfarer to everyone.

Our story here is almost complete.

We will share with you the Rose Key and its Magick – for you to use – and the mystical world of Arkartia.

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  1. Goosebumps down my spine! I Love what you’ve done here, I think even the very 1st TarotCon I came to in Keswick we were given Rose or Key name tags, That must be , yes, 6 years ago! I was always a key, I like that. But this is amazing, making magic work in front of 1,000’s of people. Thank you for bringing magic into plain view (where of course it was always hidden).

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