Dragons in the Starlight

By on 4-21-2017 in Rose Key

Dragons in the Starlight

Whilst we prepare our ritual to travel into Arkartia, as have many before us, we continue to discover those who already dwell in that place. As they say, “There Be Dragons”.

This card from the STARLIGHT DRAGON TAROT clearly shows a Rose Key.

And the deck appears to have some relation to Fury’s Forge, as described in the Tarot Wayfarer journal.

The Hierophant card is a portal to Arkartia in this deck – as is the Rose Key in so many other decks.

What will we discover in Arkartia when we open the portal with the Rose Key?

We are to attempt the ritual on the night before May 1st. All the decks are before us, all the Rose Keys.

Something is happening.

Something magical.

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