The Final Ritual of the Rose Key

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The Final Ritual of the Rose Key

So it comes to this final act in the sanctuary, where we abide.

At last, our six-year journey into the heart of the Tarot takes us home.

A Hill of the Heart’s Desire.

Tarot is indeed a tabula mundi, a ‘blank slate’ of a world.

It is a world, a world called ARKARTIA.

It is unlocked by a Rose Key.

The Rose is the Soul and the Key is the Tarot.

We have prepared our altar and upon it placed the symbols and signs of the Magician.

If we travel, we will send an invitation for you to follow us on May 1st.

We will seek out the Tarot Wayfarer who wrote the journal, which is now complete.

Rose Key Ritual FINAL

The rose burns.

The key turns.

The rose opens.

And a world appears.

Our world. Your world. The world of everything and everyone, all together.

And it is empty, and full of light, and it is for us to make it full of wonders & miracles.

The Worker makes the Work and the Work makes the Worker.

We go.

Into that other world, so alike to ours as to be barely noticeable.

We can pass each other by in the lanes and the streets and not see that we have entered another place.

Perhaps we will travel together, as wayfarers.

Mirrors within mirrors, endless like falling into a screen.

The glass of your screen, the mobile phone, the smart device, the tablet, is a rare alchemy.

See it now – differently.

It is created from sand, grains like time, and frozen for a moment to be made transparent.

As are we all. Polished and perfected in endless observation.

And in that moment is everything you seek.

It is there, in Arkartia.

And it is here. Now.

You have arrived.

We all await.

In Arkartia, We Are.


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